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Hello, I’m Shulei, a software developer. After graduation from college in 2004, I have worked as Dot Net programmer almost 10 years. And now I’m focus on PHP, Linux and other open source technic. I familiar with PHP, C#, VB, ASP.NET, HTML, Javascript, SQL Server, MySql, Linux… I love programming because it gives me a lot of funny and exciting thing.

You can find me at various places on the net as well…


PHP Engineer – 汇通天下(2015/6 – present)

Working on dispatch system as PHP Programmer and Maintenance.

PHP Engineer – GeneeGroup (2014/4 – 2015/6)

Working on LIMS and Wechat management as PHP Programmer.

PHP Engineer – Eatmall (2014/1 – 2014/3)

Working on Eatmall as Team Lead. Eatmall is a C2C site, the main goods is food, supplier can create store, and customer can buy stuff from those store, like taobao.

Senior Engineer – NorthernLight (2012/6 – 2013/12)

Working on 123Print for US, UK & Germany as Team Lead. 123Print is a B2C site, the main products are printing staff, like business card, post card, letterhead, Christmas card. Customer can design by themselves on line and create the order. The system will send the order to factory to manufacture by service.

C++ Programmer – IGT (2011/1 – 2012/6)

Working on ADI & Patron. These products are use in casino. ADI like a message bus, deliver message & data between other products, and Patron is used to manager players in casino. There are a lot of versions of these products for different customer. We are support for them, like fix bug or make some new feature.

Senior Engineer – Ethos Technologies (2008/1 – 2011/1)

Working on SFIFAS. This is an administrator system AS within the Swedish Sports Confederations solution called IdrottOnline Forbund to handle arrangements, participants, competitions, results and reports. This objective is to explain the thinking around this system, how it will work and what kind of modules will be present.

SDET – Vanceinfo (2007/6 – 2007/12)

Working on Microsoft Project PassportIDS as SDET. We have some manual and automation test cases for Passport IDS.

Engineer – ESINT (2005/3 – 2007/6)

Working on Stock Medicine Project. Hospitals buy medicine from internet by the bidding catalog, and then sent the order form to supplier, when the supplier received the order form and gave some inputs, after hospital confirmed the feedback. The supplier sent the medicine, finished bargaining and order form.

Engineer – EWA (2004/1 – 2004/10)

Working on Storage Management Project. This project is used to manage and calculate some company’s warehouse, the location of warehouse and the goods in the warehouse.




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